The Difficulty of Wanting to Study Abroad

While I thought my next post would be about either Korea or language related, this took form instead.

I wish to study in Korea for a semester as an exchange student but my university doesn’t have partnership with any South Korean University. Fortunately, it has ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) and since it’s a member of ISEP I can go to South Korea. However, because it’s competitive you need to write a couple of essays (1 for them and the others depends on how many Universities you have listed). The difficulties starts after you decide to apply and thorough the whole process…maybe even till the day before you go abroad LOL.

When you apply, not only you have to worry about to write, but you also have to look for tips or people who have done it before. In my case, the latter part was the most difficult because no matter how much I asked nobody had gone through ISEP process. After you think you managed, you have to know how much the program is going to cost. Then you have to go to the same process while doing the essays for study abroad scholarships.

After you get placed (which won’t be your first option if it’s really popular unless you’re a student with a 3.80-4.00 GPA), if you think your difficulties are going to be less…you’re mistaken. Then you have to pay a $1,000-2,000USD (it varies depending on where you live) immediately to confirm your placement. Oh that, and you may find some surprises, like the day before you paid they decided to increase the cost (happened to me). Worry about your visa being granted or if you can buy the plane ticket before your visa arrives.

I think every student becomes middle-aged during this process because sometimes you can get really anxious. The whole process can be very tedious because of anything. So I don’t recommend studying abroad if you’re not really determined. On the bright side, because you worried so much for a such a long time, you will enjoy your exchange twice as much. You’ll forget the bad and will be masochistic enough to go through it again.

If you really want to go abroad, don’t let the nerves eat you and have determination to follow it through. Only those are the ones who ever accomplish something. Which is why I’m applying to going abroad again, for a longer time hehehe. Apparently, I’ve haven’t much worries besides that of graduating and this ongoing process that I wish it would end today LOL.