Going to Korea…again

Finally I received the confirmation to study abroad for next semester *twirls around the house*. This time around I will be studying at Ewha Womans University. I’m excited and scared all over again!!! Excited because I will be able to see the friends I made over there and scared because I will be in Seoul. I will be going earlier because I want to start a Korean language short program (it last around 3 weeks) so I can make sure I enter on the third level once school starts (my master’s degree depends on it).

I will try to document the process here once I get my acceptance package and have to apply for the visa.

천문 현상 (Astronomical Phenomena)

Here’s a new list about the cosmos. Just like last time, it’ll be just 20 items on the list.  I thought it would be useful to know the different stars, phases of the moon and a few planet’s names.

*1. 태양: Sun

2. 달: Moon

3. 처슨달: New Moon

4. 보름달: Full Moon

5.  반달: Half-Moon

*6. 해: Sun

7. 별: Star

8. 하늘: Sky

9. 별자리: Constelation

10. 일식: Solar Eclipse

11. 월식: Lunar Eclipse

12. 식: Eclipse

13. 혜성: Comet

14. 태양계: Solar System

15. 화성: Mars

16. 금성: Venus

17. 지구: Earth

18. 목성: Jupiter

19. 수성: Mercury

20. 토성: Saturn

*Note: I looked up usage examples of both terms and so far I found that you use 태양 when it modifies another noun or verb (more like saying solar). On the other hand, 해 is more like the Sun itself and it’s different stages (like the sunset) and daytime expressions (여름에는 가 길어진다 [In summer, the days get longer]).

If there’s a mistake feel free to tell me. I wouldn’t want to have false knowledge because after it’s internalized it’s hard to get rid off it XD.