The sometimes Hellish Paradise

I’ve been wanting since I came to Korea to write a few posts about both Korea and Korean but I always find myself having no time to do it because of all of the paperwork I’ve had to do. There’s the fact that I’m going out a lot more than back home too and classes started almost two weeks ago and somehow I have lot of workload despite having somewhat easy classes and (tests and quizzes in some). However, I want to write about my experiences so far so maybe I’ll just do it retroactively and mainly focus on Korean language related posts.

I’m taking the Korean language class at Ewha as well and it’s kind of…tedious. Sometimes I hate it and always feel tired so I don’t feel like mustering the enthusiasm I had before about it. I hope it’s some kind of phase while I adjust because it is the main reason I came to Korea instead of going to England. Other than that, I really like my other classes but especially my Drama class (lol).

As it might have been inferred, I’m a K-pop fan so I’ve gone to any kind of event or concert. So far, I’ve gone to the 2NE1, INFINITE and B.A.P ones. I will talk about them since I had very good seats but I will concentrate more on the stage designs, how much did they interact with the fans and the fans behavior (I have a lot to say about that). I think it will kind of comparative because I’ve gone to K-pop concerts back in the USA. I’m also going to YG’s Winner White Day Handshake Event (fan-girls) so I’m definitely going to write about that and how it works!

Anyways, I won’t keep writing or else I will not finish reading the novel for my 19th Century Literature class. I hope I get to write something around Saturday or early Sunday.