Book Haul Part 3

This is the last part of my book haul. This one is mainly about novels, manhwas, photo-books, among others.




I’ve always been weak when books are concerned so I bought them out of the blue. The first one, 김 종욱 찾기 (Finding Mr. Destiny in English) is one of my favorite Korean movies so I thought it would be helpful since I have an idea so I can just see how much description I do understand. Also, I bought 응답하라 1997 and I read some of it to see how difficult it might be but so far it seems fairly understandable (even the satoori dialogues). I also wanted to buy Sungkyunkwan Scandal novels (they are 4 in total) but I already had space issues.

Another one is 주군의 태양; it’s one of my favorite quirky Korean dramas and also read a couple of pages to see the difficulty…and it’s a bit difficult to understand depending on what is describing. For me 어린 왕자 (Le Petit Prince) was a must buy because I made it my mission to have it in every language I know (currently 4). Although, Joseon Royal Court Culture is not a novel, I think it’s quite handy for both clarifying some things I see in the historical dramas (also out of curiosity).



I bought 밤을 걷는 선비 vol. 1-7 because I loved it and now I’m sad that I won’t be able to buy more volumes till I go back to Korea ;A;. I read them all and while I didn’t understand everything, I got quite used to the way they speak so it made it interesting. I randomly bought 혼담별곡 vol 1 because it came with a beautiful small notebook. It was funny to read lol. I bought the 9th and 10th volume of Sailor Moon Complete Edition while I was in Japan. I wanted to buy them all but there was just so much space in my luggage when I traveled to Tokyo, Japan (I went to a few stores but they didn’t have the 1st volume so I chose the ones with the covers I liked the most). I could buy the rest online but it’s going to be expensive as hell.

I bought L’s Bravo Viewtiful Photo Essay book because he’s one of my bias in Infinite and also because I love pictures. I haven’t opened them yet…I’m still cleaning around my house so once my bookshelf is finally dust-free, I will open them along with the Sailor Moon ones.

That’s pretty much it! Until next time~~  ^^



Book Haul Part 2

I think a few days would pass before posting the second part but here I am lol. This second part is dedicated to the learning material I bought this year while I was living in Seoul during the first half of the year (I want to go back ;A;).



How Koreans Talk by Sang-Hun Choe and Christopher Torchia  is arguably considered a learning material but I do consider it as such because it’s a book about Korean sayings and that’s enough reason for me. I might post about it later and the best thing is that it has the context in which the sayings can be used.

I must confess that since I studied Japanese a long time ago (which I don’t remember anything but the Kanji meaning), I’ve been obsessed with them and Hanja is no exception. That’s the main reason I bought Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean and Learn Hanja The Fun Way. Honestly, I only skimmed through them while I was in Korea because I was busy and they were not meant to be studied till my summer vacation started. The only problem I have so far with them is that I don’t even know how to start and I’m still making sense of how they work lol.

Korean Grammar in Use Advanced- I would be a fool if I didn’t buy it and I think the series speaks for themselves. The good thing is that it still has English explanations although the exercises are different from the previous books.

Korean Grammar for International Learners (I also bought the workbook)- Well, I wanted them for a long while and I’m glad I bought them because they are now the books I’m mainly using along with Intermediate College Korean (which I know part of it already but it never hurts to review). These books aren’t good for complete beginners because the examples are in Korean and even though they have an English translation, it would be really difficult. They’re also a little bit dry and boring but I stick with it because I enjoy grammar in itself so it’s alright.

On the other hand, I wish I had bought Ewha level 3 and 4 but I didn’t have any more space in my luggage and shipping them back home was next to impossible because it was obscenely expensive so I had to give it up. I loved the Ewha series because their books are really good but you can’t have optimal results without being in a class but it did solve what was I going to write about.  Well, that’s it for now (there’s still the third and last part of this book haul). Until next time!~ ^^

Book Haul Part 1

I wrote that I would post photos of the books I bought during my stay in Korea as an exchange student. I also thought that it would be a shame not to also show the books I own from before.  That’s the reason why this first part of three is dedicated to them.


First textbooks

First textbooks

Integrated Korean Beginning 1 was the first Korean language textbook I bought. I think the series is very solid as well as very thorough in their grammar explanations and I think it was the book that created a template for me to judge how good other books are. However, it doesn’t cover many grammar points.

I bought Active Korean 2 last summer (2013) when I did the Summer program at Ajou University. I think the books is very good in general terms (and in grammar as well), very suitable for short term classes but it does have its own shortcomings.

I always recommend to get the textbook with its workbook because not only it will make you review a lot but also -somehow- helps you remember what you learned in the long term.



Korean Grammar in Use Beginning and Intermediate- I don’t know what I would have done without those! I love them a lot and when I have doubts about the grammar, I usually get a clear idea of it after reading it. It is also one of my sources for posting in this blog (not always, it all depends on what I’m writing about)

NTC Compact Korean and English Dictionary- This dictionary is one of the things I often question because I don’t really use it too much and it doesn’t help that it organized in romanization =_=. However, I distinctively remember that I bought it because I it had way better entries than most dictionaries available in the US (budget-wise). That, and the fact that when I go to stay in my relatives’ house, I don’t have internet.

Novels and non-fiction:


봄 봄 by 김유정 and 소나기 by 황순원 are books that 제 언니 같은 친구 gave to me, I still don’t know what are they about because I haven’t read them yet (#confessions) but she did tell me that they were Korean classics and they are relatively easy to read.  소나기 was translated into English as Rain Shower (or just Shower) if you’re interested to read it in English, here a link to it: 

Last summer I also bought Folk Tales from Korea and Korean Folk & Fairy Tales which I knew better than buy both because there were some tales that weren’t in each other. The books are in English because I thought I would be nice to have an English translation at hand when I read the original in Korean.

When I went to New York for the first time (to see the SM Town Concert lol) in late 2011, I bought a children’s book translated into Korean called 달님을 타고 노라요 by Maureen Garth and the set of 해를 품은 달 by 정은궐. I have read some of it (as in a few pages #confession no.2) and my only excuse is that I was barely starting to learn Korean so I bought them for future practice. 해를 품은 달 was the novel that got me started in learning Korean because I read a short translation of it and I fell in love with it. I usually read the first page from time to time and marvel at how far I have come in learning Korean.

멈추면, 비로소 보이는 것들 by 혜민 was a farewell gift from one of my Korean friends. I cried a little bit because I thought it was a thoughtful gift. I haven’t finished it yet but that’s because I read it as part of my reading practice each week (which is around 40 mins twice per week). I love the book and most of all, when I read part of it last summer, it was fairly easy to read yet it carried a powerful message. I recommend it to get used to reading in Korean. I also wonder how much will I understand now that I know way more Korean than last year ^^.


Well, that’s it for now. Sometime during the week I will put up the second part of this book haul. Well, until next time!

I Am Back Home!~

I see that I usually don’t publish more than once each month, which is kind of sad because I really want to post at least 5 times each month. Anyways, I finally returned home after five months in Korea and I’m feeling quite a jet-lag. Despite being disappointed to have remained in the 2nd level of Korean at Ewha, by the end of the semester I still saw a lot of improvement in speaking and writing (the 2 skills that are always hard to develop for self-learners). I also got a new obsession…with learning hanja, I don’t know why or how but I got really interested in it so I bought two books to learn hanja.

My new challenge is seeing how do I go back to study by myself and balance that new study schedule with studying for the GRE and starting my Gilman Scholarship follow-up project. I also have 18 credits for the fall semester (;A;) (hopefully that will go down by 3-6 credits…stress hopefully) so I need to come up with a study schedule for the semester. It seems that studying Korean will be quite limited till the end of the year so my goal is to be able to continually study everyday for at least half an hour.

Anyways, during my stay in Korea I bought a lot of books so I think I’m going to post a picture of them here. I also hope to make a review for both the Ewha Korean textbook and Integrated Korean Beginning 1. Well, that’s it for now.