I’m Back~ -Sort of-

Belated Happy New Year (wow we’re already in February)!

My last post was almost a month ago, about a day before classes started again. I think I’m finally adjusting again so I’ll probably be able to finish some of my pending posts. I’m taking this semester 5 classes again but one of them is a graduate course. Although I fell in love with that class, I spend a lot of time reading and preparing for it and I also have to hand in a proposal for a research. Two of my other classes are in French so I had to review the verb’s conjugation lol. I can speak, read and understand it but I need to remember the verb inflections (endings) which I didn’t and still have to review some of them.

I decided to apply to a university in Korea called the Academy of Korean Studies (when they open the application) as well so I’m excited but also a bit nervous. I haven’t been able to sit and study Korean so I’m paying attention to random words in whichever drama I’m watching, write it down and look it up. The same with Japanese except that since I have a PDF book, I just read it while I’m at the university but haven’t progressed beyond the present tense and learning some verbs.Anyways, I’m glad that I’m adjusting so I can finally start “formally” studying Korean.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book 멈추면, 비로소 보이는 것들 ( that I loosely translated as The Things that Can be Seen When You Stop):

마치 내 꿈이 벌써 이루어진 것처럼

자신감을 가지고 행동하세요.

그러면서 열심히 준비하세요.

그러면 신기하게도 그 꿈은 이루이집니다.

-혜민 스님

pp. 103

I found a translation (it takes too much of my time to do one from Korean) from a blog:

Please act with confidence like your dream already came true.
And please put your heart and soul into the preparation.
If so, curiously the dream will come true.

Ps. The book isn’t translated into English yet but it was translated into French so I think I’m going to buy it.

Until next time!~