After an Eternity, I’m back~

Hello! I have finally finished this semester as well as my bachelor’s degree, but the Commencement Ceremony is on June 17th. I was so busy during the latter half of the semester that I barely had time to sleep; I couldn’t actively study Korean nor Japanese. I only had time for French, but only because I was taking an intermediate writing and grammar class and a French phonetics class. I’ve been meaning to write here, but I was feeling lazy all week long XD.

I signed up for a Summer Japanese course nearby my University (it was only $180USD); I had the first lesson yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot. Now, I have to balance out Japanese, Korean and French during the summer and I hope that I don’t remain lazy.

I do hope to start writing soon ^^.


Once Upon a Time, I Was.

I find myself writing before Dawn has made her appearance and Orpheus seems to remain captive in the Underworld. It might be that Morpheus is unwilling to grant me entrance into the Realm of Dreams. I had unknowingly become a recluse who could not find time for writing. All because an enemy, who might have been just a friend in disguise, called University had taken time from me as a form of payment. We have fought again and again; in some I emerged victorious, but some were won from me.
University couldn’t let me be as I was and he was bent on changing me, on taking the world as I knew it and crush it all into tiny grains of sand. He was unyielding, or I was pliant, in his objective to take away the dark veil that unknowingly rested on my eyes. I could not predict, however, that he would transform it all not to make it into glass for it is unchanging, but to give it back in an unknown form along with pieces of himself. He did not give me some but all in shapes that have none because they are ever-changing, and they refuse to be one thing when they can be all. They don’t let me be one person for long and demand those old pieces of my self for themselves so they can evolve.
After five years of battles and struggles, University and I have become reluctant friends despite always being at odds. He has finally granted me freedom from his ways, but he only gave me my current self. He has cursed me to never go back to who I was and to be in constant metamorphosis. I am unable to rescue that self yet I don’t find it horrifying to let it stay where it was left. Unconsciously, I look forward to shed the person who I am in hope for who I can be. And, somehow, University has seen this and he is unwilling to remain with me because it seems to be the time for my feet to take me somewhere faraway from him.
We are not star-crossed lovers yet we cannot deny a certain link. With a string that can’t be undone, we have become soul-mates. Perhaps, he was a she all along so University became my Alma Mater instead. In the end, I met someone who goes by the name of Journey. Although we do not know where we will end up nor where he will take me, I am not afraid.