Embarking on a New Journey

A long time has passed since I last posted anything. And even more since I last wrote anything about Korean lol. Honestly, I was extremely busy doing a research for the graduate-level class I took on Spanish linguistics so I barely had time to do anything else besides university stuff. I have finally graduated and passed all my courses with A ㅋㅋㅋ. I decided to push back going to grad school, so instead I’m actually going back to Korea as a TaLK Scholar (which I hope to start documenting soon).

I was feeling bored during the summer so I took a Japanese class with one of my university’s professors (there’s just one class left 😦 ). I really loved it and have decided to keep learning it even while I’m in Korea. My professor says I have a Korean accent when I speak in Japanese so she’s always teasing me about it (I’m trying to fix it though XD). I’m hoping to post more about Japanese in the future. I’m also interested in applying to the JET Program this fall, but i hear it’s really competitive ;A;.

I leave to Korea on the 27th, but I feel quite normal lol. That’s it for now! I hope to be way more active here (although I’ve been told the TaLK orientation is really intense lol).

Until next time!~~