TOPIK Challenge!

Hello again!

I decided to take the 43rd TOPIK I in November, so I registered for it. I wanted to take TOPIK II, but right now I’m at a stage where TOPIK I is too easy and TOPIK II is too hard. Also, I’ve never taken the test before so I wished to get used to the format first.  That’s why I plan to take the 44th TOPIK II in January 2016.

My first goal is to pass level 2 with at least 90 points in each part of the test. My second goal (TOPIK II) is to score at least 100 points and even though it doesn’t mean I will pass any level, it means a lot for me. However, if I do pass I will be extremely happy. My main problem is vocabulary because I haven’t found yet a method that fits what I “should” learn.  I’m a more analog learner so I need pieces of paper and write to my heart’s content.  For now, I’m going to try to follow this method and hopefully, I will be able to write here about my results or process.

Any suggestions on learning and remembering new words in the long term?


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