Book Haul September-October

Hello! It’s been a while since I last wrote anything, but I’m back. I’ve become used to working so each day I have more time. Although normally I would use it to post here, I’m studying for the TOPIK. I do plan to write more frequently now that I’m no longer applying for the JET Program. Anyway, I bought a lot of books with my first paycheck hahaha (most TOPIK related).


I’m not familiar with the new format so I bought Hot TOPIK and I can say I really like it. The book gives you a breakdown of the types of questions and strategies to find the answer. First, it introduces the type of question, then it gives you practice and the end of the book it has a mock test.


I know vocabulary is my weakness so I also bought  쏙쏙 TOPIK 초급 어휘. It’s really good even with some minor typos so I always make sure. The book has 24 vocabulary items for each day as well as a small quiz at the end each day’s vocabulary.wpid-p_20151002_135601_hdr_p.jpgwpid-p_20151002_135622_hdr.jpg


The next one, TOPIK 쓰기, is old, but I like how it goes step by step in writing. I didn’t buy it for TOPIK, but rather for me to practice writing as well as learn some grammar.  I absolutely love 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 의미 가능편.





It’s super cute and I find myself fascinated that I can understand most of the grammar explanations. When I feel like I’m not learning, I go to this book and realize that I have learned a lot in just over a year. It also helps that I’ve been studying vocabulary hahaha.


I bought the third book of 1CM, 1CM 아트. It feels slightly more complicated to read than the second one, but it’s just as pretty. The drawings are based on iconic art (both classics and pop)




I bought the latest volume of 暁のヨナ (Yona of the Dawn) and even though I can’t read it (yet), I couldn’t resist.  I bought a picture dictionary to use in my class and a Japanese graded reader. It has both Korean and Japanese so for me it’s a plus. It also has an audio CD. It includes vocabulary and some grammar patterns. Darakwon has a whole series of Japanese graded readers and it looks amazing! Each volume in the 초급 series is harder by the number so I bought volume 1.


That’s it for this haul. Until, next time~