43th TOPIK Test and Other Things

As some of you may know, I took the last TOPIK I test of the year this past Sunday. Like I had said in an earlier post my goal is to score at least 90 points in both parts, but while I’m confident in listening, I’m not so much in the reading part. I’m certain that I will pass 2급, but perhaps my goal won’t be accomplished, but that’s okay too.

Honestly, I didn’t study much (lots of work to do in the last few weeks) so I deserve what I get XD. I mean each time I’d say I’m studying Korean today, I’d end up studying Japanese instead. I can say I have made progress with Kanji (reading them) thanks to Wanikani. Wanikani is absolutely amazing (I’m already doing their level 3)! Anyways, going back to Korean, after the test I felt really motivated to study and to improve. I want to see if I can actually try for the 3급 in January. However, I don’t know yet.

I have been reviewing the (으)러 (으)려고 and 을/를 위해서 and I completed reviewing them so I will post my notes here within this week. I also hope to post about Japanese as well, but maybe not this week.