Book Haul November-December 2015

I could blame all the dramas I’m watching for the lack of posts, but I know I’ve been lazy lol. After taking the pictures of the books I bought these past two months and a half, I wondered why am I so impulsive when it comes to books.


I think it was mid November when I bought these. I loved the drama My Lovely Sam Soon so when I saw the novel, I knew I had to buy it. I love both novel Sam Soon and drama Sam Soon! I have read 2 chapters so far (I’ve taken a lot of notes) and it’s hilarious~ I checked out News In Korean by TTMIK and loved it! The news are quite short, but I remember that when I read the first one, I didn’t know much of the vocabulary so I decided it would be good to start getting more intermediate materials.


I bought the Korean version of 暁のヨナ (Yona of Dawn) and 30점짜리 엄마 vol.1 on impulse. There’s not much to say, but I did read 30점짜리 엄마 and it’s cute and funny hehehe.


I have plans to take TOPIK II early next year (although I’m no longer taking it in January) so I’m already studying with HOT TOPIK since it guides the vocabulary I need to know. I’m also reading Korean grammar in Korean as to get used to it and not rely on English.


I realized one day that I understood Japanese better if I studied it like a Korean probably would. As long as I can co-relate it to Korean, I learn it much faster lol. That’s why I bought it, but still haven’t used it yet as I want to finish Japanese for Busy People.


I bought 밤을 걷는 선비 vol. 13 after finally getting lucky (every time I went to Kyobo, they didn’t have it =_=)!  I bought 천개의 꽃잎 on impulse but I couldn’t resist such beautiful drawings. I bought a junior version of Le Petit Nicolas and I love it (and I get to keep brushing my French)

That’s it for for this post~

Merry Christmas!~