49th TOPIK II Results


I have never been one to hide my scores as I think it’s good to share.


I’m really happy and excited despite just passing level 3. I’m also extremely surprised because of my writing score (I only wrote a paragraph for the long essay LOL). Honestly, I did not expect to score so high above the average (it was 31). However, I was slightly disappointed with my listening score (but that’s another story). I’m okay with the reading score though. It could have been better, but it was my fault for not timing myself correctly. I think achieving level 4 in January seems attainable as I was just 15 points short. Overall, I’m really happy since my expectations were kind of low.

I think I should focus more on listening and reading for the remaining 3 weeks. Perhaps I’ll be able to barely pass level 4.

Until next time!~


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