TOPIK 53 Results

I took TOPIK II again this past July. I thought it would take a month to see the results but, for those who took the test in Korea the results would come out earlier (August 2nd).

I was sure I would pass level 4 but, barely -at least that’s how I felt. I was really surprised when I saw my scores. I was just 10 points short of getting level 5. I’m still feeling amazed lol. That’s the thing about learning a foreign language, it never feels like you have improved until you look back.

I improved a lot in everything I think. What surprised me the most was my listening score. I didn’t think I would get 70 points. I guess that’s what happens when you watch Abnormal Summit (비정상히담) without any subtitles (and look up a lot of vocab). Also, I focused a lot in listening because last time my score was lower than I expected. My writing also improved so I was sure I would get a slightly higher score but, not that high lol. However, I’m unsatisfied with my reading score but, I guess that’s what I will concentrate on next time.

For now, I’m extremely happy about my TOPIK overall score and level. That doesn’t mean I will be satisfied with just that. It motivates me to work harder and become better.

Until next time!~


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