2017 Book Haul Part 1

It’s been a while!

I have been busy with work and my Korean classes until a few weeks ago. I’m visiting my hometown in a couple of weeks so I started organizing the things I want to leave at my mom’s. There’s a lot of books I have bought in the past 11 months LOL. 

This part is dedicated to novels and other reading materials. 

I. Japanese Books:

I went to Japan back in February and my goal was to buy some more volumes from the Sailor Moon the Complete Edition (now it’s going to be released officially in English as the Eternal Edition)

This time I bought 2, 4 and 7. I still need 3 or 4 more and I will be done lol. 

A. Translation of Japanese Books:


I loved reading The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino. I can’t stop recommending it to people. I can’t even say anything or it would be a spoiler. On the other hand, Six Four by Hideo Yokohama was an okay read, it’s really slow and it’s more about police politics than anything else.


I loved Your Name and wanted to read the novel, but the English version was going to take forever so I bought the Korean one lol. The other one, I bought at the Seoul International Book Festival(?)

I also bought the manga and other titles.

II. Korean Books:

I bought 언어의 온도 per the recommendation of a friend. He failed to mention it could sometimes be a bit hard to read. Regardless, it’s more like a diary/essay kind of book so you don’t have to follow an order. 

In the case of 살인자의 기역법 by 김영하, I was browsing around and the title caught my attention. I started reading and was totally immersed in it. It’s good, short and not too hard to read. I had no idea a movie based on it would come out. The last one, 재미있는 이야기 한국사 조선에서 근대까지 is meant for kids which makes it easier (lots of pictures as well).

I bought the 2nd part of 성균관 유생들의 나날 and 홍천기 part 1 by 정은궐. I have history with this author LOL. It’s because of her that I started learning Korean in the first place. I also bought 사랑의 온도, but have yet to read it. I realized most of the novels and manhwa I’ve read in Korean are historical which is hard to read, yet I have gotten used to them lol. Now, I find it strange to buy novels set in the modern era.

If there was a Korean drama that had me riveted this year, it was Globlin. I couldn’t wait for subs or anything so I would watch it live LOL. Imagine my happiness when I learned they were doing a novelization of it. I also bought Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Korean. Still have a couple more to go until I have them all. 

That’s it for this part. Next part is about books to learn Korean and Japanese.